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Spine Quiz

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A patient with severe multi-level spinal stenosis is scheduled to undergo decompression and fusion from T12-L4. Both pedicle screw length and diameter are measured pre-operatively. Which of the following pedicles would be templated for the smallest diameter screw?

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With regard to the Brown-Sequard syndrome all the statements are true EXCEPT?

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An 3-year-old girl developed torticollis after a severe respiratory tract infection 8 months ago. A dynamic computed tomographic (CT) is performed and shows fixed relation of C1 and C2 despite maximum rotation of the head. What is the most appropriate next step in management?

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In the adult spine, which of the following pedicles have the smallest average transverse diameter.

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Following surgical treatment of a lumbar disc herniations with radiculopathy, patients with worker’s compensation claims have which of the following when compared to patients who do not have worker’s compensation claims at 5 years?

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A 13 year-old boy is brought to your office because his mother is concerned about his poor posture. A lateral radiograph shows thoracic kyphosis of 38 degrees. This likely represents:

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The most common cause of thoracic pain in the 4th decade:

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In patients with adult scoliosis requiring long thoracolumbar fusions, which of the following is the major advantage of extending the fusion to the sacrum as opposed to ending at L5.

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A Gallie C1-2 fusion with sublaminar wiring of C1 to the spinous process of C2 is a valid treatment option for which of the following injury patterns?

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Which injury is most likely to occur in the cervical spine A seat belt restrained driver of a stationary car is rear ended from behind by another vehicle with his head thrown backwards and hyperextension in the lower cervical spine?

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Which of the statements below is true for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis?

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In the anterior approach to C5, what structure is less vulnerable from the left side than from the right?

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Biomechanical studies have shown that an atlanto-dens interval of >7mm is likely associated with?

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In a seventy year old man requiring an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, the common carotid artery divides into internal and external carotid arteries at what level ?

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In patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries what is the most important prognostic variable relating to neurologic recovery?

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Patients with symptomatic spinal stenosis treated with surgical decompression compared to those treated nonoperatively have what clinical outcomes.

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In pediatric discitis, which of the following is the most accurate description of the radiographic findings.

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Which classification system for cervical myelopathy focuses exclusively on lower extremity function?

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Which of the following is considered the lowest level that a standard thoracolumbosacralorthosis (TLSO) can immobilise?

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A dural tear occurs during a routine lumbar laminectomy for spinal stenosis. A water-tight repair is subsequently performed. How will this affect postoperative care and ultimate clinical outcomes?

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The detrusor muscle of the bladder is predominantly controlled by autonomic fibres with a spinal root value of:

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With reference to spinal stenosis which of the following statements is true?

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Which of the following best describes a patient’s functional level with a complete C5 spinal cord injury?

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A 35-year-old female presents for evaluation of new onset lumbar spine pain. Which of the following physical exam findings is indicative of an organic cause of low back pain symptoms?

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Which injury is most likely to occur in the cervical spine In a high speed car accident the unrestrained passenger in the front hits his head against the dashboard?

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A 2-year-old child falls down a flight of stairs and is found to have spinal cord injury without radiographic abnormality (SCIWORA). What is the most important predictor of her neurologic outcome?

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What additional diagnostic test is most sensitive to diagnose pediatric spondylolysis when AP and lateral radiographs are normal.

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With regard to childhood spondylolisthesis

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Which is the most avascular disc?

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In patients with a stable thoracolumbar burst fracture and no neurologic deficits, operative treatment has what long term outcome when compared to nonoperative management.

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With regard to the anatomy of the subaxial cervical spine, all of the following are true EXCEPT?

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A patient presents with a far lateral herniation of the L4-5 disc. Which of the following findings is most likely to be present?

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21-year-old college football player sustains transient loss of motor function in his arms after a collision. Which of the following is an absolute contraindication to return to play?

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Which of the following is the most common complication following an interbody cage fusion at the level of lumbar spine performed through an anterior approach?

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With regard to RA in the Cervical Spine which one of the following statements is true?

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In assessment of thoraco-lumbar trauma which of the following statements is true?

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All the statements regarding central cord syndrome are true EXCEPT?

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A 59 year-old man complains of acute pain radiating from the neck down the right upper extremity. Physical exam demonstrates right arm triceps weakness, decreased triceps reflex, and diminished sensation of the middle finger. A cervical disk herniation will likely be found  at which level?

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All of the following clinical signs are characteristic of an upper motor neuron disorder EXCEPT

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In a patient with arm pain and paresthesias, which of the following symptoms or physical exam findings supports a cervical radiculopathy as opposed to a peripheral neuropathy.

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A 55-year-old woman undergoes endoscopic transthoracic anterior surgery for a herniated disk in the thorax. What is the most likely complication following surgery?

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Postoperative radiculopathy is a known complication of posterior cervical decompression for myelopathy. One potential mechanism of nerve root injury is thought to be tethering of the nerve root with dorsal migration of the spinal cord. What is the most common radicular pattern seen with this condition?

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Proper immobilization is critical in young children with suspected cervical spine injuries. In this patient group, a dangerous level of cervical flexion has been associated with what immobilzation technique.

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Which of the following is true about thoracic disc disease?

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Treatment options for a symptomatic cervical pseudoarthrosis following anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion include revision anterior surgery versus a posterior instrumented cervical fusion. When comparing these treatment options, all of the following are true of posterior cervical fusion EXCEPT:

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Following an acute spinal cord injury a patient presents with systemic hypotension and relative bradycardia. His bulbocavernosus reflex is present. This is characteristic of what type of response in acute spinal cord injuries

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When compared to normal controls, adults with untreated idiopathic scoliosis and a Cobb angle of greater than 60 degree at the time of skeletal maturity have a higher rate of which of the following?

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Which of the following clinical scenarios would be an indication for surgical intervention of the spine?

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Enlargement of a vertebral body is the radiographic hallmark of one of the following:

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A 35-year-old man complains of clumsiness when buttoning his shirt and frequent episodes of falling when ambulating. Further work-up reveals congenital cervical spinal stenosis with spinal cord compression. Because of his young age, posterior laminoplasty is performed. Which nerve root is most likely to be adversely affected following surgery?

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