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Which of the following is true regarding rigid locking plate constructs in fracture fixation?

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During a direct lateral (Hardinge) approach to the hip, which neurovascular structure may be injured by excessive retraction of the gluteus medius muscle?

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What is the guideline to deltopectoral groove:

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What is the earliest time electrodiagnostic studies can reliably interpreted after injury?

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Release of parathyroid hormone in response to hypocalcaemia leads to?

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The predominant collagen in the knee menisci is?

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Which one of the following statements is true about surgical approaches to the elbow joint؟

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Which of the following is true regarding rigid locking plate constructs in fracture fixation?

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Which of the following is most serious complication of myelography:

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In fracture healing:

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Which of the following does not contribute to the blood supply of the femoral neck/head?

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The popliteus muscle receives its motor innervation from؟

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Which risk factor for osteonecrosis is characterised by lipid-laden macrophages?

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A 24-year-old female presents with a transverse midshaft humerus fracture. Which of the following implants would create the most compression on both the far and near cortices?

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During fracture healing, differentiation of the progenitor cells depends on local oxygen tension and strain. Based on this theory, the following promotes formation of woven bone during fracture healing:

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The target cell for Bone Morphogenic Protein is:

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The anterior (Smith-Petersen) approach to the hip utilises the internervous plane between muscles supplied by the superior gluteal nerve and which other nerve?

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With regard to the anatomy of the subaxial cervical spine, all of the following are true EXCEPT?

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Which one of the following is not a branch of of the posterior cord of the brachial plexus?

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Concerning haemophilia which one of the following statements is TRUE?

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Which of the following is true regarding rigid locking plate constructs in fracture fixation?

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The action of osteoclasts is inhibited by which of the following hormones?

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A 15 old football player scored a goal during a teacher versus pupil match at school. As soon as he kicked the ball he felt a sudden pain in his groin and had painful weight bearing. He was seen in A&E soon after the injury. There was some bruising in his groin. He had difficulty flexing his hip, but there was full range of passive movement. X- Ray reveals a tiny bony avulsion from the Anterior Inferior Iliac Spine. What muscle is he likely to have injured?

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Which part of quadriceps muscle is most frequently fibrosed in post injection quadriceps contracture:

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A reduction in plasma sodium ion concentration will result in an increase in production and release of?

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A patient sustains a comminuted calcaneus fracture. Three months after the injury the patient complains of shoewear problems secondary to clawing of the lesser toes. What is the most likely explanation for this deformity?

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Bleeding tendency is least likely in which one of the following conditions?

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What nerve innervates the pronator quadratus muscle?

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The index finger proximal interphalangeal joint type is:

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Decreased Oestrogen levels leading to reduce bone mass:

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The knee joint receives sensory fibres from :

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During ilioinguinal approach, actively bleeding vascular bundle crossing the superior pubic ramus is encountered. The artery is most likely an anastomosis between which of the following arteries?

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Important cells for healing meniscal tear are:

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Rickets affects which zone of the growth plate?

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The artery of the ligamentumteres (foveal artery) is a branch of which vessel:

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Genetic disorder caused by a lack of effect of parathyroid hormone at the target:

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Hypercalcaemia may present with all of the following clinical signs EXCEPT:

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Myelography is necessary in following conditions:

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Which of the following techniques increases strength and stability to an external fixation construct?

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Commonest cause of quadriceps contracture is:

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Radionucleide bone scanning is most useful in:

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Which of the following scenarios of treatment of a humerus fracture best achieves low strain at the fracture site and high stiffness of the treatment construct?

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Bone graft that is converted to calcium phosphate via thermo-exchange is?

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In wound healing, inflammation is triggered by

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A 27-year-old male undergoes intramedullary nailing of a midshaft tibia fracture with static locking proximally and distally. There is minimal healing noted 3 months postoperatively and the decision is made to dynamize the nail. For intramedullary nail dynamization, an interlocking screw should be placed in which of the holes shown in Figure?

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After how many weeks in utero do osteoblasts normally form the primary ossification centres in long bones?

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Commonest cause of failure of arthrography is:

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Which of the following statements regarding osteoporosis is true?

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Which of the following best characterises the chronic phase (>12 months) of reflex sympathetic dystrophy (complex regional pain syndrome)as described by Lankford and Evans

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Classically physeal injuries occur through the zone of:

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